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Insurance Summary

Student Personal Accident Cover

Our personal accident policy entitles students to personal accident cover whilst training for, competing in or demonstrating martial arts. This is provided you are training with a recognised association club instructor and you club is fully paid up member of the association.

Our insurance packages will provide all the necessary requirements of cover for both students and instructors in most martial arts clubs big or small.

Our prices are competitive and will suit small and large clubs alike. Often small clubs do not have the buying power to get the best prices.

Benefits are limited to people aged between 4 years and 74 years of age

Instructors Indemnity

All instructors should have the personal accident cover as this also includes public liability.

This cover however does not protect against possible negligence claims

Anyone who teaches or supervises must arrange for this cover

Member to Member Liability

Our Student Insurance package also includes a member to member cover.

This is an indemnity for sums that a student may incur following death or personal injury to another student


Claims arising from child abuse are excluded

Public & Product Liability

This is also included in our Student Insurance package

It is an indemnity in respect of monies a student may become liable to pay following injury to a member of the public or damage to property

Claims arising from child abuse are excluded

Many hired halls request this cover

Taster Course Cover

This is a temporary membership and insurance cover for 8 weeks; giving the same cover as the full yearly student personal accident cover

The purpose is to allow you to offer temporary insure cover to new students during an introductory period, taster or self-defence course for example

Important Notice

Our insurance cover does not include or cover the use of live blades i.e. Sharp swords or knives

Blunt weapons are included provided they are used solo - No partner practice is covered

Kyudo (archery) is not covered

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