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Some Useful Links

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Executive

St. Johns Ambulance

Sports Coaching

Sports Coach - Sports Coach provides information on the many topics related to developing athletic ability and coaching expertise.

Criminal Records Bureau - Instructor Disclosure (Teaching Kids & vulnerable adults)

Exercise & Nutrition

British Nutrition Foundation

Sports Science & Nutrition - Lucozade site


ARNI - Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury

BBC Health - Gives a good general overview with encyclopedia

British Medical Journal - The place to go for information on the latest health research

NHS Choice - First place to look for anything regarding health

NHS Fit for Travel - Advice on vaccinations and travel health when going abroad

Mesothelioma Cancer - Lots of advice and support - Mesothelioma is formed from toxic asbestos fibers latching onto the inner linings of the lung.

Patient UK - Has information leaflets on a large no. medical conditions

Martial Arts

Blitz Sport - Current supplier for Kyudokai. All equipment can be purchased via our association

Chiddingstone Castle - Nice display of Japanese Armour and Egyptian and Buddhist artefacts. Worth a visit.

Hastings Wado Ryu

Isogai Taijutsu

Lively Tiger Tai-Chi

Ryusui-Ryu Martial Art Schools

Ryusui-Ryu East Grinstead

Sankujitsu Karate Budokai