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Make a Payment

Yip Man

Founder of Wing Chun

The Membership Fee

(Payable by students who's club is in full membership)

This is payable on a yearly basis.  One month before your license expires you and your instructor will receive a reminder.  This will tell you when your membership expires and how much you will need to pay.

Also on the renewal form will be the details, which we have on our computer records.  If any of these details are incorrect there is space on the form for you to put the correct information.

You can pay your membership fee directly to Kyudokai (either by cheque made payable to “Kyudokai Martial arts”, bank transfer (details on the renewal form) or on-line using the PayPal account link below) or via your club instructor, which ever is the norm for your club, please ask your instructor.

The fees Payable Are:

Seniors      £10

Juniors       £ 7

Note: If you pay on line please e-mail us if you have any changes to your details e.g. Address, email, Phone etc

Once your membership is registered with the membership secretary your license slip will be forwarded to you via your club instructor. Please keep this safe as replacements will incur an administration fee.

Please Note Only Students From Fully Affiliated Clubs Are Required To Pay membership. If You Didn’t Received A Renewal Reminder Then You Club Is Not Affiliated


Instructors Indemnity Insurance

If this is your first payment or you have a change in your details then you must complete the proposal/application form (Please contact us and we will post one to you).

Fees Payable Are:

£2 million:  £86
£5 million:  £110
£10 million: £135

All the above fees are inclusive of £5 administration fee

Instructors Indemnity Cover


Temporary Insurance Cover

This is temporary insurance cover to enable you to insure students on taster or one off instructional courses.

You can specify the number of students at checkout



Cost/Student: £6.00